Hard Ciders

Little Mack Empire Red

Empire Red apples are described as red, juicy, firm, crunchy and sweet. One sip of Little Mack Empire Red and you will see why. 5.5% ABV

Little Mack Black Currant Passion

Enjoy a Little Mack Black Currant Passion cider along or mixed with your favorite brew and release the passion. 6.0% ABV

Little Mack Cinnamon Whiskey

Little Mack has once again brought a unique drink inspired by great cinnamon flavored whiskeys to create a delicious sipping experience. 6.0% ABV

Little Mack Frosty Pumpkin

A cool crisp, frosty fall day describes the feeling you get when you sip the combination of apples, pumpkin and other spices. 6.0% ABV

Little Mack Pomegranate

6.0% ABV